TAG 4 is the new revolutionary tool for cast iron thermal analysis. Data acquired in real time is elaborated to immediately provide quality estimation of the final result and suggestions to improve the quality of the finished cast iron. It has been designed to be extremely simple to use yet powerful thanks to its highly interactive and customizable interface.

Main Features
  • Real time data elaboration of the metallurgical process parameters
  • Prediction of material defects
  • Elaboration and suggestion of guidelines and advices to optimize the next MQ values.
  • Calculation of the mechanical characteristics on the produced cast iron accordingly to the thermal data
  • Interactive multi-series axis with easy to understand indicators and markers
  • Large database of cast iron improvement receipts suggested based on the data elaboration results
  • Adjustable User Interface for different user types and screen resolutions
  • Reports and statistics generation
Data Acquisition TCP/IP
  • Four channels asynchronous data acquisition from USB Thermocouple Data Loggers or from virtual channels over TCP/IP
  • Support for simulated logger for advanced analysis
  • Real time data chart and processed results
  • Highly configurable acquisition start/stop triggers
  • Simplified error reporting and troubleshooting
  • Ability to compare an unlimited number of samples
  • Over 30 chart types
  • Multi-chart interface, with ability to synchronize chart positions
  • Statistical analysis of parameter changes over time
  • Charts include zoom in/zoom out/pan/auto range and best range features
  • PDF and Microsoft® Excel reports
  • Ability to reprocess data with different alloy settings
  • Import / Export of data in Microsoft® Excel and many other formats
  • Post-elaboration of acquisitions
  • Highlighting of result differences between elaborations
Acquisitions Data Base
  • Local storage of samples (acquisitions)
  • Ability to work on a shared database
  • Support for all JDBC databases (Oracle®, Microsoft® SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL)
  • Easy import/export/backup/restore procedures
  • Extensible platform with native support for UTF-8 data
  • Fully internationalized
  • Highly flexible and powerful alloy configuration settings for best foundry specific tuning and setup
  • Matrices copy/paste feature
  • Ability to change the alloy settings at any time
  • Support for channels input correction
  • Smart auto-data acquisition configuration
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